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First Smoker #1.jpg

Our first Smoker! Custom made for us by Smoke Dogg Smokers! Her flames graced us for the first time at Lake Hood in late April 2020 and has been burning ever since.

Ribs #1.jpg

Brisket, Ribs, Boston Butt, Sausage... it was hard to narrow down a menu when everything that we put in this iron beast tasted so good!

Smoke Site Empty #1.jpg

After months of tasty experiments, we managed to bring our menu down to the very best that we could produce!

We then decided that this food was just too good to not share with more people, so we found the perfect new place on Tennyson Street in Rolleston, Canterbury.

Bar in progress #1.jpg

We decided that instead of having someone else build our furniture for us that we would do it ourselves.

Stools #1.jpg

It was time to assemble the Smoke team! Some of our team we were bringing up from Lake Hood and the rest we found from amongst the community.

Smoke #2.jpg

Opening was close on the horizon and our second smoker had finally arrived. The excitement both in our team and amongst the community was starting to really build.

Chairs, stools, the bar, and the booth, were all lovingly crafted by hand in our own back shed.

Smoke Fit Out #1.jpg

With the bar going in and kitchen walls going up things started to really heat up on Tennyson Street!


Finally Smoke Rolleston is starting to look ready to receive its first customers. The smokers fire is lit, the beers are cold and our staff are ready to treat you to the full Smoke experience!


Come in and see us! We hope to see you soon!