Low and Slow BBQ

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Our meats are cooked to perfection by our passionate Smoke team. They start early in the morning and  smoke low and slow in our 2 custom built authentic American wood fired BBQ smokers for hours each day. Smoke takes 2 chefs, takes time, takes a lot of wood, heat, fire and sweat.  It is seriously good food!

Smoke Platter - 2 Meats - $28
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Served with fries, Smoke slaw, pickles, and our own Smoke BBQ sauce


Add another meat $10 per option


  • Texas Jerk Chicken smoked for 4 hours


  • Boston Butt (pork) smoked for 6 hours


  • Brisket smoked for 12 hours


  • Homemade smoked artisan Sausages changed weekly



Smoked maple beans with apple wood smoked bacon


Corn Salsa   Smoke Slaw   Onion Rings

Brisket #1.jpg
Pork Ribs #1.jpg
St. Louis Pork Ribs - $30

A Smoke speciality - Premium quality 6 hour wood smoked St Louis style ribs. - Dry rubbed or sticky, served with a side of fries

Canterbury Beef Ribs - $29

One large (400 gram) meaty 12 hour slow smoked beef rib, served with slaw and a side of fries

Smoke Hot Wing Challenge (18+) - $30
Loaded Fries #1.jpg

Our 5 chili starts at a  tongue tingling jalapeno and end in a Culleys 6 million Scoville Carolina Reaper extract - if you dare, includes a “cooling ice cream sundae.” And a T shirt if you succeed!

Loaded Fries

A basket of wedges topped with Smokes slow smoked meat and BBQ sauce. Comes with both sour cream and guacamole.